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andythyart: I'm having trouble uploading my .exe to the submissions page as it keeps crashing. Is there an alternative way to submit work?

Is this still an issue for you? Flick me an email at and we’ll sort it out.

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maximeantonoff: Hello. Please, can you tell us what is the exact hour for the tommorow's deadline to submit our game ? 13pm ? 19pm ? Thanks you to answer this question. Maxime Antonoff

I answered this over on the site, but the answer is: The deadline is technically the end of the 13th in the last timezone— your deadline can be any time on the 13th that equates to 48 hours after you started. If you run into serious errors and can’t submit until say, Monday, that’s okay too— we’ll still accept late submissions.

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omgmisterbean: Where will we be able to access the various games.

You’ll be able to play them after they’re all submitted on Sunday over at the website! Just click ‘Submissions’. 

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underattack86: Can you name me some examples of recent horror games that included an asylum location? Excluding Outlast, obviously. I'm asking because I pay attention to the games scene and I'm really not seeing any other examples.

Outlast is an obvious recent example, but games like Alice: Madness Returns, Asylum and Alan Wake have examples of asylums (Hotline Miami too, if you’re going outside the horror genre). If you broaden the term to hospitals, then there’s a lot more. Asylums are only one thing we’re steering away from, however. 

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maximeantonoff: Hello. We are a french team and we want to submit our game at the end of this week end. The production has began today at 8.00pm. I've just login on your website, but is there any other thing that I must do to register my all team ? There is no information on the way to follow to register all of us, submit our final work and how you can check our work ? Thank you very much. Maxime Antonoff

As Asylum Jam isn’t a competition, we’re being pretty lax with the rules. You can make your game within any 48 hr window between the 11th-13th, and it would be great if your team could register all team members, but that’s more so we can get a good idea of the number of participants more than anything else. When your game is done, simply click ‘Submissions’ on the main website and the instructions will be on that page after you click ‘Submit your game’. 

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Jammers all over the world are starting to dig into their plans for their Asylum Jam games— and there’s still time for you to participate, too! Keep updated on dev progress, chat with us and use the hashtag #asylumjam on social media to join the conversation!

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If you’re not signed up for 48 hours of horror game making madness (without negatively stereotyping mental health issues), come over and sign up right now! We kick off on Friday so there’s still plenty of time to get in on the spooky action.

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solarplexuskick: Hello! I'm a bit unclear on something. On the "What" page it says: "Asylum Jam is a 48 hour game jam set for the spooky month of October, taking place on October 11th - 13th." Wouldn't the 11-13 be 72 hours, or does it mean that the jam is the 11-12, and the 13th is for submissions? Apologies if it should be obvious, but thank you for your time!

Hi! You have to spend the 48 hours of your choice within those 3 days doing the jam— for instance, if you work most of Friday, you can start at 7pm Friday and finish 7pm Sunday. This is to make the jam as flexible as possible for people who want to participate. I hope this helps!

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